Geraldine 2.jpg

geraldine lupton

Head of Intercultural Training

With a background in law, Geraldine is responsible for FCIT's overall business strategy and implementation, legislative adherence, and ensuring we continuously meet our high standards, delivering quality service to all our clients. 



laura mayo

Business Development Manager

Laura has been with Farnham Castle Intercultural Training for over 6 years. She has a BA Hons. in Business Studies and over 10 years experience in the world of consultancy. At FCIT, she supports global organisations in improving their business performance by developing bespoke learning solutions that equip employees with the skills and knowledge to work more effectively in a global environment. 

Manuela - Business Development Manager

manuela wagner

Business Development Manager

Manuela joined FCIT as a Programme Manager in 2015. She has a background in the Humanities and over 8 years experience in International Online Recruitment. Originally from Germany, she studied and worked in the US and Canada before moving to the UK in 2009. At FCIT she assists organisations worldwide  to develop a clear understanding of the dynamics of a culturally diverse workforce and implement bespoke learning solutions to maximise productivity levels, employee development and retention, and global reach. 



Intercultural Programme Manager

Kathryn is responsible for resourcing Intercultural Consultants and Language tutors, to work on Intercultural projects, ensuring appropriate course content and efficient delivery. She has personal experience designing and delivering individual, group and team interventions that inspire engagement and result in behavioural change for clients to reach their goals. As a Programme Manager, she develops client relationships, and provides evidence-based insight and best-practice recommendations for people-focused solutions.

She brings to every contract, a solid understanding of the relationship dynamics between people, in teams and organisations having worked for household brands in a diverse range of industries, including insurance, retail and professional services.

Debbie black

InterculturalProgramme Manager

Debbie joined Farnham Castle Intercultural Training in 2005 as Intercultural Programme Manager. She designs, organises and coordinates our personalised intercultural learning solutions and works closely with the delegates and consultant(s) to ensure our course content matches all business and personal requirements.

Debbie is also our first point of contact for Intercultural Consultants, Country Experts and Language Teachers interested in working with us.