Language coaching

Every year business is lost worldwide due to the lack of language skills in the workforce. Whilst a translator is helpful and in some cases indispensable, many businesses find that the ability to speak their clients’ native language leads to much stronger, long term relationships and better collaboration. This is not just due to the ease of communication: knowing a language means understanding a culture and being able to form bonds beyond the meeting room.

Our coaching programmes cover every aspect of working and doing business in a foreign language. We offer highly personalised courses that challenge existing language levels from beginner through to advanced, including expert preparation for meetings, presentations and specialist/sector specific language skills training. Our bespoke business language and writing courses offer even more specific preparation for successful communication on a global level. Where time is of the essence, we can provide professional interpreters and translators to ensure you and your international business partners or clients are on ‘the same page’:

  • Beginners to Advanced Language Courses
  • Business Language Courses
  • Writing Skills for Business
  • Translation and Interpreter Services