Farnham Castle provides a wide range of courses, spanning many different roles, industries and levels of seniority. We collaborate with our clients to thoroughly understand their training objectives and develop industry specific course content, helping them to constantly develop their employees' global competence.



Popular Courses for the Automotive Industry include:

  • Business Etiquette & Culture in China
  • Working with Remote & International Teams
  • Developing a Global Mindset& Cultural Intelligence
  • Living & Working in Brazil (individual and family courses)


Aerospace & Defence


Popular Courses for the Aerospace & Defence Industry include:

  • Business Etiquette & Culture in the Middle East
  • Living & Working in the Middle East (individual and family courses)
  • International Project Management
  • Leading across Cultures

Financial Services


Popular Courses for the Financial Services Industry include:

  • Global Leadership
  • International Presentation Skill
  • Advanced Writing Skills
  • Advanced Business English

Popular Courses for the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industry include:

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

  • Business Etiquette & Culture in Japan
  • Living & Working in the UK (individual and family courses)
  • International Negotiation Skills
  • Japanese Language

Popular Courses for the IT & Telecommunication Industry include:

IT & Telecommunication

  • Working in a Matrix Structure
  • Managing Virtual Teams
  • Business Etiquette & Culture in the US
  • High Performance Team Work

Popular Courses for the Retail Industry include:


  • International Negotiation Skills
  • Business Etiquette & Culture in India
  • International Customer Service Skills
  • International Marketing & Sales

Popular Courses for the Oil & Gas Industry include:

Oil & Gas

  • Living & Working in Senegal (individual and family courses)
  • Business Etiquette & Culture in Algeria
  • International Stakeholder Management
  • International Project Management