Case Studies


Our client is a British company which identified the need to develop the global competence of its people in order to continue to excel in an ever-changing and increasingly competitive defence and technology sector. 

They were entering a crucial, competitive tender process in India where the ability to negotiate and deliver was of paramount importance. We designed and delivered a programme of training to help their project team understand and communicate more effectively with their Indian counterparts during the process. 

The client’s objectives were to increase the cross-cultural awareness and understanding of its people for India; enhance their teams’ ability to manage and work in a multicultural environment; offer relevant and effective support to international assignees; and provide coaching sessions and troubleshooting during the course of the project.

Training consisted of modules on: Developing aGlobal Mindset and Cultural Intelligence; Advanced Business and Social EtiquetteMulticultural Team Management and Leadership, which were delivered both face-to-face and remotely, as well as follow-up coaching for delegates.

“The impact of this training has been far-reaching. By providing our people with cultural awareness support we have, and will, continue to maximise our international opportunities and develop strong relations with our international customers. We now know that cultural training must form an integral part of our entire international assignment strategy.”



As our client expanded overseas into Europe, United Arab Emirates, Amman, Kuwait, Qatar, US, Canada and Japan, it was fast realising its aim is to become the leading global fashion clothing retailer.

We were commissioned to develop a suite of practical and interactive workshops aimed at helping a global workforce to identify the keys to understanding other cultural perspectives. The range of solutions were tailored to equip people with the essential intercultural skills and tools to be more effective when working with their international partners.

I feel strongly that this should be a compulsory course for all colleagues regularly liaising with other countries. Even better if this could be at the start of their career. I have been buying for 7 years and learnt some great things on the job, but would have loved something like this sooner. I will make positive changes in my day to day job as a result – Great!” 



Our client is a multinational automotive company with an ambitious growth strategy. As a result of effective partnerships, joint ventures and organic growth, the company has undergone dramatic growth on a global scale. We have worked with this client since 2012, supporting its international growth and developing the global competence of its UK-based and international teams.

The client’s objective is to enhance the international competence of its employees. We have provided training to upskill them with specific country and cultural knowledge to help them to work, communicate and do business more effectively in an international environment.

As a result of our training, employees have been able to communicate more confidently and work more effectively with foreign colleagues, partners, suppliers and clients. We have also provided successful support to this client’s international projects, which has resulted in positive business growth and a comprehensive return on investment.



Our client is an international tyre manufacturer and the leading tyre brand in India with manufacturing units in India, South Africa, Netherlands and Hungary. The company markets its products under its two global brands and its products are available in over 100 countries through a vast network of branded, exclusive and multi-product outlets. We were asked to develop a bespoke training solution to assist the global teams to better understand the cultural differences of colleagues working in remote and virtual teams.

As a result of the feedback from the pilot sessions we were then asked to develop a suite of programmes for business leaders, to help them to understand how culture impacts on leadership style, communications and work relations. Both programmes had the required positive results in fostering a new understanding on how to better manage and overcome the challenges of cultural differences.

“This is one of the best and most interesting training sessions I have attended. Very knowledgeable trainer and training was excellent. Very informative and gave me great information and insight into the Indian culture and business practices. Fantastic – time well spent”.