We understand cultural diversity - both on a national and a corporate level - and respond to our clients’ requirements with carefully prepared, bespoke training courses, professionally delivered by the most suitable content matter expert, at any time or location, using the most appropriate delivery method. Whether you require one to one coaching or group sessions, interactive workshops or online training, we can deliver any course, anywhere, face to face or remotely.

In addition to designing all course content specifically for your company’s needs, we also take each delegate’s experience, personal requirements and circumstances into account, thus at all times ensuring relevance and value for our clients. Individual follow up support and coaching can also be provided, as and when required.

All our delivery methods can be combined to offer a blended approach to meet individual business requirements.

Face to Face Instructor led Training 

  • Programmes can be delivered at your offices, here at Farnham Castle or any other convenient location.
  • Programme duration can vary, depending on business requirements.

Live Virtual classroom

  • Programmes are delivered via live virtual classrooms using WebEx, an on-line training platform, designed to meet the demands of today's global business world.
  • Programmes are delivered in modules of two hours.
  • All the participants need is access to the internet.

One to One Coaching 

  • Individual coaching sessions can focus on business or personal challenges.
  • Support coaching is available face to face or remotely and on short notice, in preparation for a specific business trip or meeting, as and when required.


  • E-learning solutions can enhance the overall learning experience, particularly where large groups need to be up-skilled in a short period of time. Our e-learning platform allows around the clock access to training materials such as videos, podcasts and cultural insight guides.