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Open Workshop: International Negotiation Skills

Open Workshop :

International Negotiation Skills

Delivered as part of Farnham Castle Intercultural Training’s Workshop Series 2018

Date: Thursday 10th May 2018

Time: 10:00 – 16:00 (BST)

Venue: Farnham Castle, Surrey, GU9 0AG

Cost: £300 plus VAT per delegate


International Negotiation Skills…………………

Variations in global negotiating styles can be surprising. Discussions are often frustrated because of the way different cultures have different business expectations and different approaches.

Even after a negotiation, different cultures place different values on agreements and hold different assumptions as to how contracts should be honoured.


Do you negotiate with counterparts, suppliers, clients or customers from other cultures?  Would you benefit from increasing your intercultural awareness and your sensitivity to the values of your opposing negotiator?


·        How can you make negotiations work for all parties?

·        What tactics do people around the world use?

·        What motivates them?

·        From what business context are they operating?


This workshop benefits both the experienced negotiator and the relative beginner.  It focuses on the elements that will make a real difference to your effectiveness, when you negotiate with people of a different culture. It  provides you with powerful tools and techniques for immediate use in your negotiations


How do our programmes work?

We deliver intensive workshops comprising highly interactive sessions including discussions, brainstorming sessions and role plays that give you the opportunity to experiment with effective negotiation techniques, to test new tools and design your own customised approach for successful international negotiations.


What our Attendees say…………………..

 ‘A great day, delivered by a passionate, knowledgeable and experienced Consultant, I feel better prepared……….’ (government organisation)

‘The training was fantastic.  It made me feel much more confident & comfortable.  Everything that I was hoping would be covered was and lots more on top of that! Thank you  Farnham Castle’............(Retail Industry client)

What will we cover?

·       Cultural Awareness: an Overview

·       Avoiding Culture Clash in Negotiations

·       Communicating Effectively across Cultures

·       Negotiating: the Core Skills

·       Handling Negotiations Successfully

·       Making it work for you

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What you will you take away?

At the end of the Workshop, you will be able to:

·       understand and explain the major differences and similarities impacting on the business expectations and negotiation style of people around the world

·       understand and fine tune your approach to their personal, cultural and corporate expectations

·       plan and prepare your negotiations to reach your objectives

·       work more effectively with your negotiation team

 Take a step back from the day to day!  Come to Farnham Castle and improve your Negotiation Skills!


Confirm your place

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