Open Workshop: Reaping the Benefits of Diversity
10:00 AM10:00

Open Workshop: Reaping the Benefits of Diversity

Reaping the Benefits of Diversity - How to get the most from Working across Cultures

Discover the value that lies behind cultural difference!

VENUE: Farnham Castle, Surrey GU9 0AG

COMPLIMENTARY, BY INVITATION: Contact Us to reserve your place

Business is more global than ever – we are buying from overseas suppliers, selling to international clients, and working alongside teammates from around the world. We are therefore encountering different world views, business practices and communication styles on a daily basis.

Research has shown time and again that the companies actively embracing and working with this diversity, tend to prosper. They create new opportunities, encourage innovation, and use divergent opinions to break ‘group-think’.

How do we move from seeing difference as a barrier to business that must be overcome, to seeing it as a positive business asset?

  • This workshop will look at alternative approaches to managing and even transforming difference.

  • You will explore the role your cultural and personal preferences play in the way you approach disagreements and discord, and you will learn some practical frameworks to help you adjust your style to get the most from the situation.

The workshop is designed to be participatory and experiential, allowing you to try out new techniques in a safe space before using them in the real world.

If you work in a multicultural or transnational team, if you are responsible for selling, or building partnerships across borders, or if you have to take part in challenging conversations, there will be tools and techniques covered in this workshop, that you can take away and use to your advantage immediately.

At the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the potential benefits of working positively with (rather than putting up with) difference and diversity

  • Understand how disagreement and interpersonal difficulties are handled differently, depending on culture and personal preference

  • Realise that adopting different approaches to activities like giving feedback, disagreeing and negotiating, can vastly change outcomes

  • Be able to flex their own style and to get the best outcomes from difficult situations at work

If you would like to find out more about this workshop then please call one of the Team

T. +44 (0)1252 720416 or +44 (0)1252 720415

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Open Workshop: Developing a Global Mindset & Cultural Intelligence
to Jan 28

Open Workshop: Developing a Global Mindset & Cultural Intelligence

Our Global Mindset & Cultural Intelligence workshop is designed to enhance your cultural awareness and efficacy when working with international colleagues, clients and partners. It will give you the relevant frameworks and real life business scenarios to develop practical tools and strategies that can produce immediate results in the workplace.

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Open Workshop: Empowering International Teams
10:00 AM10:00

Open Workshop: Empowering International Teams

Do you know the Rules of Engagement for Working within an International Team?

In our increasingly globalised and connected world, it is increasingly the ‘norm’ for people of different cultures to work across borders within one team.

These teams benefit from diverse talent and innovation, bit also come with numerous challenges, both for team members and Managers. Even when people are enthusiastic to cooperate as a single team, different cultural approaches to issues such as:-

  • trust;

  • hierarchy;

  • motivation; and

  • managing conflict

can cause unintentional ambiguity, miscommunication and even offence.

Experiential, one-day workshop

Designed to enhance your cultural awareness and provide you with a better understanding of the challenges you face when leading, or working in, a multicultural team. 

This Workshop will  focus on:

  • The challenges and benefits facing cross cultural teams and how to manage - or work within them - constructively

  • Cultural sensitivity: understanding cultural tendencies, working preferences, and how they can impact on team effectiveness

  • Identifying the behaviours and characteristics of high-performing cross cultural teams

  • Evaluating how remote working compares to co-located working, and the crucial role of ‘trust’ when building remote relationships for effective working

  • Developing and enhancing skills to help you perform more efficiently within an international team


Who should attend?

Any business professional:

  • Working within a cross cultural team

  • Working within a global team

  • Managing a remote or international team or

  • Leading global projects 


Why attend?

In order to reflect on your current team participation or team management style, and to consider how you can communicate and build relationships more effectively with your International or remote team members.


Complimentary Places 

Places are limited and By Invitation:-

If you wish to attend the Workshop simply Contact Us to register your interest.

If you have a colleague who you feel will benefit from attending, feel free to pass on the details and ask them to Contact Us.


Contact Us 

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Open Workshop: International Negotiation Skills
10:00 AM10:00

Open Workshop: International Negotiation Skills

Variations in global negotiating styles can be surprising. Discussions are often frustrated because of the way different cultures have different business expectations and different approaches.

Even after a negotiation, different cultures place different values on agreements and hold different assumptions as to how contracts should be honoured.

Do you negotiate with counterparts, suppliers, clients or customers from other cultures?  Would you benefit from increasing your intercultural awareness and your sensitivity to the values of your opposing negotiator?

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Open Workshop: International Presentation Skills
10:00 AM10:00

Open Workshop: International Presentation Skills

Presenting in front of any audience can be stressful. Different stakeholders have different expectations and often future business success largely depends on how compelling, engaging and memorable a presentation was. To add to the complexity, what is expected from a presentation for example in Germany differs significantly from audience expectations in China - as does the audience response you will likely experience. Do you know what YOUR audience expects?

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Open Workshop: Cultural Awareness and the HR Function
10:00 AM10:00

Open Workshop: Cultural Awareness and the HR Function

This tailored, full-day workshop is designed specifically for Global HR and Line Managers who have the day-to-day responsibility of managing and/or recruiting expatriate and overseas employees.  It will raise your understanding of the influence of national culture on business behaviours and practices and explain how to identify, assess, select, develop and support your employees globally.

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