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Open Webinar: International Presentation Skills

What is expected from a presentation can vary significantly from country to country. Does your audience expect facts and figures, colourful images and graphs, personal stories or something completely different? How long would they expect the presentation to take before moving on to Q&A - and how is that likely to work with a multi-cultural audience?

If you want to win over an international audience, you need to be aware of different cultural perceptions and expectations, and adapt your message and delivery style to suit your audience. Use of global English is as important as understanding your audiences' listening and questioning habits, attention spans and attitudes to humour.

This 40-minute webinar will focus on:

  • Different styles of presentation: What makes a really effective presentation that will appeal to your multi-cultural audience?
  • Using the appropriate language: What images, examples and stories will your international audience remember? 
  • Listening and questioning habits: How will the audience respond to your presentation and Q&A?

Why should you attend?

Whilst our short webinar can only provide a very short introduction to international presentation skills, it will provide a valuable overview of different presentation styles and audience expectations, enabling you to better tailor your next international presentation. 

 Who should attend?

  • Anybody who wants to understand the major differences in presentation styles around the world. 
  • Any presenter who wants to better understand and cater for the expectations and needs of an international audience.

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If you have a colleague who you feel will benefit from attending, feel free to pass the details on and ask them to contact us directly.