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Open Webinar: Successful International Negotiations

Successful International Negotiations

The way people communicate and handle negotiations is surprisingly different around the world. The ability to adapt to local negotiation practices and understand your counterparts’ strategies can therefore make the difference in building successful business relationships, securing a piece of business or negotiating the most favourable deal.

This 40-minute webinar will focus on:

  • What limits your performance when negotiating with other nationalities: the cultural and linguistic elements affecting the results of your negotiations
  • Making sense of other cultures: identifying the crucial cultural differences and similarities affecting negotiations
  • Knowing your opponent and the business context of their negotiating team: the different corporate styles influencing business relationships around the world

Why should you attend?

Whilst our short webinar can only provide a glimpse of the complexities of international negotiations, it will raise awareness, provide valuable insights and enable you to approach talks with colleagues, clients and suppliers more confidently and effectively.

 Who should attend?

  • Anybody who wants to understand the major differences impacting on the business expectations and negotiation styles of people around the world.
  • Any business professional who is required to negotiate in a global marketplace and wants to fine tune their approach and work more effectively with their negotiation team.

Confirm your place

Places are limited - If you wish to attend the webinar simply email us with your name, job title and email address and we will reserve your place. If you have a colleague who you feel will benefit from attending, feel free to pass the details on and ask them to contact us directly.

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