Case Studies

The Background

Our client is a multinational automotive company with an ambitious growth strategy. As a result of effective partnerships, joint ventures and organic growth the company has undergone dramatic growth on a truly global scale. Farnham Castle Intercultural Training has worked with this client since 2012 supporting their international growth and developing the global competence of its UK based as well as international teams.

Training Objectives – the need to enhance international competence

In collaboration with our client we developed a global business learning solution to upskill employees with the cultural knowledge and insights to enable them to work, communicate and do business effectively within an international environment.


The impact of our delivery of a tailored suite of training programmes, as part of a blended learning solution, has empowered employees and allowed them to develop their cultural competency skills in a way that appeals to their individual learning styles. The effects have been far reaching.  Employees have been able to communicate more confidently and work more effectively with foreign colleagues, partners, suppliers and clients. We have provided successful support to our client’s international projects and the benefits delivered to our client have been identified as resulting in positive business growth and a comprehensive return on investment. 

This is what one of the delegates said:

“Firstly, yesterday’s course was absolutely fantastic, there was so much more to learn then I expected but [FCIT’s consultant] kept me engaged throughout the whole day session! Hearing about China from a first person perspective gives a much more relevant and in depth understanding, I'm looking forward to my next cultural course!”

- Participant Business Etiquette & Culture in China Workshop




"One of the best training programmes I have been on.
Should be rolled out for all levels and roles that
come into contact with other cultures."

 - Participant Developing Cultural Fluency Workshop

"First rate, personable and beautifully delivered
a perfect balance of academic and personal perspectives."

 - Assignee to Singapore

"Very useful course, especially impressed by knowledge
and first-hand experience of trainer".

- Assignee to Tanzania

"This course has really made me think about how
I will converse with overseas colleagues and suppliers,
and I will make positive changes in my day to day job."

- Participant Developing Cultural Fluency Workshop

"Content very relevant & flexed to our needs.
Feel we will make good changes as a team
to improve cross border working."

- Participant Cultural Awareness & Remote Working
with India and Argentina (bespoke workshop for
People Mobility Specialists)

"Very useful, lots of examples and explanations.
I feel much more ready for my move now.

- Assignee to Norway

"My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation
and got a lot out of it. The day exceeded my expectations
and would certainly recommend to all my colleagues."

- Assignee to Senegal


“We would have benefitted from much more than just a single
day of cultural training – we learnt so much in one day,
but this stuff is so valuable we would ideally have had much longer.”

- Assignee to Russia

“Very good presentation and well presented; very helpful
and interactive. This is a very insightful course and I recommend
that new joiners to the UK should enrol early.” 

- Assignee to the UK

“Farnham Castle Intercultural Training delivered high value and
‘priceless' training which will help me greatly in my assignment.”

- Assignee to Turkey

 “Delighted with the outcome of the course.
Thank you Farnham Castle for making this happen!” 

- Participant Leadership & Management


 “[The consultant was] great. Really an expert. Appreciate being
open and honest and to the point. Highly recommend her.
Thank you very much. I really enjoyed the training.”

– Participant Business Etiquette & Culture in Oman & the UAE 

 “A most enjoyable & useful session. I feel far better
prepared to take on the assignment after it.”

- Assignee to Thailand


“It was really great to talk to a person who actually
understands what you have been through. Honestly,
I was not expecting too much of this kind of induction,
but now I can see how important it is
and I'll definitely recommend it.”

- Assignee to Trinidad

“Firstly, yesterday’s course was absolutely fantastic,
there was so much more to learn then I expected but [the consultant] 
kept me engaged throughout the whole day session!
Hearing about China from a first person perspective gives
a much more relevant and in depth.”

- Participant Business Etiquette & Culture in China

“Very informative course that has improved my confidence
that our move will be successful.”

- Assignee to Poland

“Very comprehensive day that fully met our needs and expectations,
superb delivery. Very informative, particularly daily living
and business approaches.” 

- Participant Working Effectively in Saudi Arabia

“Very useful and directed to my requirements
and the language that I will need.”

- Participant Italian Language Training 

 “Thoroughly worthwhile day, some very good insight.
Refreshing interesting and very well delivered.
Thoroughly privileged to have had this time with
two fascinating and knowledgeable people.”

- Assignee to Pakistan