Leadership and Management

Developing leaders with a global perspective is essential for long term business success. Managers and leaders working with international employees, need a clear understanding of the dynamics of culturally diverse teams and the ability to adapt their communication and leadership style accordingly. Whilst often recognising this, too few organisations offer any formal leadership training, risking a negative effect on productivity levels, employee retention and ultimately, global reach.

Our courses are designed to provide the tools, skills and techniques required to develop as a leader, from junior and mid-level manager to CEO. Our courses and coaching solutions use recognised concepts of management and leadership as their foundation, whilst keeping the main focus on the practical, business specific, day to day challenges. We cover all aspects of communication and leadership, paired with a strong emphasis on the cultural elements impacting on managing and leading successful national and international teams. We offer bespoke courses for:

  • Advanced Global Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Managing Remote and International Teams
  • Global Perspective Leadership
  • Executive Coaching