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International Negotiation Skills - Open Webinar

Delivered as part of the Farnham Castle Intercultural Training 2016 Webinar Series

The way people handle negotiations around the world is surprisingly different. Discussions are often impeded because of the way issues are conceptualised, evidence and new information are used or how one point seems to lead to the next. Even after the negotiations, we may place different values on agreements and hold different assumptions as to how contracts should be honoured. What tactics do people around the world use? What motivates them? From what business context are they operating? How can we get what we want faster?

This 40-minute webinar will focus on:

  • "I am right, they are wrong": challenging the basic assumptions conditioning our business behaviours and expectations
  • Making sense of other's negotiation styles: identifying the crucial cultural differences and similarities affecting negotiations.
  • Ways of handling negotiations: your preferred style compared to theirs and choosing the most appropriate mode and tactics.

Why should you attend?

Do you want to maximise your effectiveness when negotiating with customers and suppliers from other cultures? This webinar will give you some easy-to-follow and easy-to-implement tips and techniques.

Who should attend?

  • Anybody who wants to understand the major differences impacting on the business expectations and negotiation styles of people around the world. 
  • Any business professional who is required to negotiate in a global marketplace and wants to fine tune their approach and work more effectively with their negotiation team.

Confirm your place

Places are limited - If you wish to attend the webinar simply email us with your name, job title and email address and we will reserve your place. If you have a colleague who you feel will benefit from attending, feel free to pass the details on and ask them to contact us directly.

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